Booty shorts and birth control

The 7 headed Downtown, early afternoon:

A woman of indeterminable age, wrapped in layers of fine black cloth, head wrap and tattooed hands talking to younger woman with unkempt hair and booty shorts.

Tattooed hands – I’m pregnant with my ninth.

Booty shorts – Nine? Whoo! I got five, I’m tryin’ for one more.

I wanted to scream at these ignorant assholes. I mean, fucking seriously? Overpopulation is a critical issue and we have women competing in breeding races. Yes, I am contributing to the problem but I was responsible with my reproductive health for many years until I was prepared to provide for another human being taking up space on this planet.

Disclaimer: I can talk shit about welfare recipients because I was one most of my life.

The more kids you have the more money you get. Backwards cultures believe a huge family gets the most respect. Ignorance breeds ignorance. How many poor, stupid kids have to be born into this overcrowded world before public assistance programs will require family planning education courses to be taken in order to receive each monthly check?


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